Winter Hot Pot & Don Set

Heart-warming Japanese Hot Pot at Hokkaidon!

Our heart-warming hot pot & don combo includes A5 Wagyu Beef Hot Pot x Anago & Eel Don, Japanese Seafood Hot Pot x Katsudon; and last but not least, Iwate Pork Hot Pot x Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Don.





New Don & Udon Set

This fall, we are bringing back the popular selection of set menus, pairing the season’s new array of special don with Inaniwa udon. The set menu includes rice bowl varieties such as Matsuba Crab Meat and Hokkaido Sea Urchin Mini Don and Curry Udon, Chopped Tuna with Spring Onion Mini Don and Udon in Pork Broth. Each seasonal set menu is paired with a selection of appetisers and Salads such as Shrimp Tempura, White Fish Carpaccio, as well as miso soup to complete each set.


The new set menus rotate weekly and are available from 1 Oct, during both lunch and dinner services.